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Let yourself be carried away by the Garden of Delights album, melt into the sound.
When this one sticks to your skin, get yourself the earrings that go with it.

The collab

A committed feminist tri-pop group, Sisterhood project deserved their dedicated model so that their words of empowerment resonate even stronger.

Their music  puts us in a trance, the type where you close your eyes and let yourself float. Captivating. Powerful. Without falling into essentialism, only sisters could create these sounds.


And then, we were seduced by Marie's constant attention and deconstruction. She is one of those who say "Don't get into the juice, we're not fighting for a more egalitarian society to be in the rush all the time". Doo is more discreet but her laugh and her smile make you feel good for the next hour.


To listen, it is byhere. To buy your pair, it'sup there⬆️

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