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The buckles I spotted are out of stock. Can I do anything but mope?

If the model is a mini or a strechy, send us an email, we can surely do something for you. On the other hand, the punchlines are limited edition. Unless you find the same model in a different color, we have no solution, sorry.

I have been waiting for my order for more than 10 days,
is this normal?

No, your order should have already arrived. The shipments being made by letter followed, send us an email so that we can carry out the investigation.

I made a mistake in the delivery address. How can I modify?

Orders being sent within 3 days, send us an email quickly so that we can correct the situation.

Obviously, no delivery in my country.
How can I do ?

Send us an email, we will surely be able to do something for you.

Mes paires se sont cassées 😭

Les accidents de la vie, on connait. Envoie une photo à voir si on peut te la réparer, auquel cas tu auras à payer uniquement les frais de port.

Si on ne peut rien faire pour elle (RIP), on peut la récupérer pour en recycler la matière et tu recevras un bon d'achat de 4€ pour l'achat d'une nouvelle.

I represent an ultra-friendly shop
who shares the same values and would like to sell Do you ear me, is it possible?

Olalalala, with great pleasure 🫶🏻

Send an email to

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