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[The rules are a taboo for those who established them].
Periods are natural (NOT PAINFUL PERIOD). Take this into account when accessing care is about equality between women and men and ensuring that everyone has access to protection is simply about equality.

And on this November 19, 2023, 10th World Toilet Day,
Red silk, a great association that fights against menstrual poverty, and
Do you ear meintend to remind him
in earrings.

Let yourself be carried away by the Garden of Delights album, melt into the sound.
When this one sticks to your skin, get yourself the earrings that go with it.


  • a pair of “My pussy / My rules” earrings

  • reusable hygienic protection

  • reusable hygienic protection for a person who needs it


Soie rouge is an association that fights against menstrual poverty and offers reusable hygienic protection for those who need it.

Soie Rouge is a small feminist association fighting against menstrual poverty. It distributes washable sanitary napkins to vulnerable people (for example in homes, social centers, squats, prisons, CRAs, student campuses, etc.) depending on demand. The towels are sewn by volunteers from home, or in a workshop in order to create a bond and learn to use sewing machines and be able to make them independently, for yourself or so that they can be redistributed. The organization is concerned about respect for the environment, the well-being and health of the most vulnerable and strives to raise awareness on these issues, and to fight against the taboo of periods.

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